Pebbledash Wonderland

2012 to 2019

While searching for a new subject I visited every corner of Dublin and tried to leave no stone unturned. The process of looking for my next body of work became the work itself. The lack of defined parameters meant that I could shoot on a more instinctual level.  

At times the landscape was repetitive and boring, so my eye would focus on the banal shapes and forms sticking out on the street. I was drawn to the surrealism of what remained of the inner city. I was interested in the rhythm and rituals. I felt like a researcher or an archaeologist collecting objects and observations in the field, in order to bring them back, study and compare them with what I had collected previously. Patterns began to emerge  which were then used as reference when I visited other parts of the city.

Although Inner Field may portray a fictional space, the lack of familiar landmarks does not make it any more or less true than the version of Dublin that has been cultivated in the collective psyche and reinforced by the media over the years.